August, 2018


    Here I am enjoying the ambiance of America’s Keswick in New Jersey.  In addition to sharing the Gospel I also am privileged to be able to introduce the saints here to the ministry of GOGF.  I am grateful to God for the opportunities that are presented to me as I seek to serve God in this ministry.  I also have to report that the trip to Trinidad was a spectacular success.  We had a wonderful team and we were able to minister to some very dear saints on that island.  God met all of our needs and we were blessed as much as we were a blessing!  Pastor Mitch from Trinidad shared that the unique ministry of our team was badly needed and that they don’t get that kind of teaching in their churches.  I need to thank each of our partners and donors that stand with us so faithfully making the ministry around the world possible.   Dr. Tony Hart, President


          For those of you that prefer to get your ministry on demand, you are invited to listen to our podcast of the Grand Old Gospel Hour.  You can also click on the link given on our email that is sent out each week and hear the program on your device.  We have started to produce a one minute program called the Grand Old Gospel Minute.  It is currently only heard on the radio in Philadelphia but we will soon have it available on demand as well.  We recognize that the world is changing and that shorter formats make it easier for more people to commit the time to listen.  Please pray for the radio ministry as we seek to make it more effective.  We are still working on the video upgrade to High Definition.  I trust that you will soon see the difference in the quality of the videos on YouTube and on our website.



     The Unity Conference is fast approaching. We are working to make this year’s conference the best ever. From compelling workshops on very practical issues of life, to great music and worship, and of course the Word of God will be center stage as we welcome Pastor Wayne Cockrell from Baltimore MD. Let me not forget that the food is always exceptional, and the silent auction has proven to be a favorite of many. This will be a conference that you won’t want to miss. You can go online today, register, and secure your place.






     When you pray for and support the GOGF Ministries you are helping orphan children in India and in Jamaica.  You are supporting students who are looking forward to fulltime Christian service who have financial needs.  You are helping to keep the Grand Old Gospel Hour on the air.  You are also providing for the training of Pastors and church leaders in developing countries.  In a nutshell you are helping us to continue our mission of Planting Churches, Preparing Leaders, and Proclaiming the Gospel.  We covet your continued support to keep going ‘till the whole world hears.  Write, click, or call us today and make a generous gift toward this ministry.  The summer months are especially hard and so your faithfulness is greatly appreciated.  When you send your gift just ask for the offer of the month the book “David’s Heart by Stuart Briscoe” and we will send you a copy as our way of thanking you for your partnership with us in this ministry.

              We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Remember also to let us know how we can pray for you when we gather each Wednesday for our staff meetings.


Thank you for your support to this ministry.


Missions Calendar


     We are putting out the call for the mission trip to Nassau Bahamas. It is a beautiful island with deep spiritual needs. The plans for our ministry there are currently being laid and we would love to tailor some ministry for you or your church group. Check out the dates below for Nassau and also the trips next year. Then pray about your participation in one of these opportunities.




Nassau Bahamas           Nov. 5th ~ Nov. 13th 2018                    $1,700

              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                 India                             March 4th – 14th 2019                    $3,600

                 Uganda                                 June 2019                                 $3,600

                Jamaica                                           Nov 2019                                 $1,800