June, 2018



     There has been a lot happening in our ministry for which we give the glory to God.  Our first 5K Walk /Run was a great opportunity to expose the work of GOGF to a wider audience.  We are also preparing to lead a group of short-term missionaries to Trinidad July.  If all that was not enough we have some exciting developments with our broadcasting ministry.  God’s hand is clearly at work and we rejoice to be used by Him in Kingdom work. 

                                           Dr. Tony Hart, President



    The podcast of the Grand Old Gospel Hour is available on your RSS feeder.  We encourage you to subscribe and listen regularly to the ministry.  You can also use the link on our weekly email which will take you to the broadcast page of our website.  If you are not now receiving our emails then send us your email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and begin to receive this newsletter and other communications via email.  As we move into the future, this will greatly lower our cost of communicating with you.



     Brad-Fern Hart Scholarships

    At this time of year we want to remind you about the Brad -Ferne Hart memorial Scholarship Fund.  This fund is used to support students with financial need who seek to go into fulltime Christian service.  Your support for this scholarship ministry will prove to be a blessing to students who will impact the next generation of churches until Jesus returns.  Paul Hemming is one such leader in Jamaica who today is Pastoring the assembly that my grandfather planted in Highgate Jamaica. Also, if you know of any other worthy students please have them send for an application from our office.  If all you can do is pray then please do that.



Leaving a Legacy


            Many of you can remember this worthy work in your Last Will and Testament including GOGF as a beneficiary in your life insurance.  Often believers who can’t do much out of their income can make an impact gift at the end of their lives. If we can be of any assistance in helping you with planning for your Will and Estate please let us know. 






     We appreciate the regular giving of the Lord’s people which enables us to survive week after week.  Our Prayer Fellowship Partners who give regular monthly gifts of any amount have proven to be the backbone of our financial support.  You can become one of our partners by indicating on the form below how much the Lord is enabling you to give on a regular monthly basis.  If you can give a special onetime gift during the summer months it will be appreciated.  As a thank you for your donation of any size we want to say thank you by sending you a special gift of my book “Winning Is Everything”.  All you have to do is ask for the gift of the month when you make our donation.       


            You can make that donation online, by phone, or by mail.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Remember also to let us know how we can pray for you when we gather each Wednesday for our staff meetings.



Thank you for your support to this ministry.


Missions Calendar


The Missions trips that are planned over the next year present great opportunities for you to serve the Lord in very needy places around the world.  Please pray about your participation with us as we plan to impact these countries for the Kingdom of God.  If you would like to join us then fill out the form below or go online and click on “Event Registration”. 



                 Trinidad                     July 2nd ~ July 12th, 2018                  $1,700

                 Nassau Bahamas           Nov. 5th  ~  Nov. 13th  2018               $1,700

                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                 India                                    March  2019                             $3,600

                 Uganda                                 June 2019                                 $3,600

                Jamaica                                           Nov 2019                                 $1,800