The Grand Old Gospel Fellowship (GOGF) Ministries’ India and Jamaica Mission



     As part of our mission to “Planting Churches, Preparing Leaders, Proclaiming the Gospel ...” in India and Jamaica. GOGF established the Hart Children’s Homes in 1962. Hart Children’s Homes have been home to orphans in India and in Jamaica. The orphanage in India is home to 26 children, and nine(9) children in Jamaica. Children in Hart Homes are provided with daily needs - food, safe living conditions, and education. Hart Homes on a sustainable basis ensures that every child in the home is provided with daily necessities, care, and protection. We strongly believe that every child should be protected from harsh living conditions and provided with daily necessities. We also believe that being an orphan should not hinder children from pursuing education.


     Simon is one of the orphans who has positively benefited from residing in Hart Children's Homes in India. Prior to Joining Hart, Simon lost his father, he was unable to enroll in basic primary or secondary education, primarily because his mother could not afford the cost of basic education. And like many other orphans  in developing countries who are deprived in their ability to attend school due to lack of finances and vicious cycles of poverty, Simon was at that time among the orphans who began to beg on the streets, steal, shine shoes and clean car windows in an effort to make a few rupees (Indian currency) for food and in most cases contribute to household income in order to meet some of his siblings’ limited  basic needs. In the long run, all of these activities continued to pose a risk in Simon’s life and well-being. It is not hard to imagine that there could be countless other orphans in a similar predicament, leading to lack of education, exposure to dangerous conditions. Most children attempt to find  money by carrying-out odd jobs, and possibly even stealing. Orphans can be susceptible to exploitation as domestic workers, which can lead to exposure to dangerous conditions. This can hinder them in their ability to attend school. Other orphans as young as twelve(12) years old, primarily girls are recruited/sold into the ‘child’ sex-human trafficking industry or they often turn to prostitution in order to survive, which then puts them at a high risk of becoming infected with HIV/AIDS and becoming pregnant.

     After joining Hart Children’s Homes, Simon was able to attend and successfully complete primary and secondary school education. During his stay at Hart Children’s Home, he committed to his studies and was able to take part in various school and after school activities with other children; and he was provided with dedicated mentors who have shaped his life and future career potential with a positive outcome. After leaving the Hart Home as an adult (past 18 years of age), Simon is living in his own home and is  employed - earning a prevailing wage.

     Please join GOGF as we progress in making positive impact in the lives of children in the developing world. Please call the GOGF office at 215 361 8111 or send us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know how you can help.

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Thank you!

Dr. Tony Hart, President

GOGF Ministries