October, 2019

     Psalm 80 begins with a prayer that expresses my heart’s desire.  “Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel… Stir up your strength and come and save us!  If there is ever a time when the church of Jesus Christ needs to be stirred by the power of God it is right now.  It is a burden on my heart to be used by God as an instrument to strengthen the church here in America and around the world.  For me it starts at my home church the Montco Bible Fellowship in Lansdale.  As we are in need of a move by the Spirit of God so also are many churches around the world. 

     The GOGF has a mission to Plant Churches in needy urban centers, Prepare Leaders to maximize their gifts, and to Proclaim the Gospel to grow the Church of Jesus Christ. Please join us and pray for God’s help this important task.     Dr. Tony Hart, President 


Unity Conference 2019


     The annual Unity Conference in Philadelphia is right around the corner!  Saturday October 26, 2019 is shaping up to be a date that will be both inspirational and instructive.  With experts on hand for our workshops and worship that will lift your spirits, you won’t want to miss this gathering of the saints.  Our keynote speaker is Pastor Albert Morgan from NJ and we expect that he will “deliver God’s mail” as his nickname “The Mailman” implies.  Don’t delay register today.  You can go online or call our office.  If you need hotel rooms we can give you that information.  I am looking forward to meeting many of you at this years’ Unity Conference.


 Ministry Highlight

     The Grand Old Gospel Hour has been the cornerstone outreach of GOGF for almost 60 years.  My dad Dr. B. Sam Hart started on one small station in Boyertown Pa.   From that small beginning it has grown to be heard around the world on many stations.  Today in addition to AM and FM stations it is heard online, on podcasts, through our GOGF App, and via many websites and online radio stations.  There is so much more that technology has given us opportunity to do.  Please pray for wisdom as we seek to utilize all the available means of spreading the gospel with this program.  In addition to the traditional 30 minute weekly program we have recently begun to produce a one minute “Gospel Minute” which is now heard on a couple of stations and we hope to see that list grow over the next several months.  Thank you for your prayers and for your faithful financial support.



     This ministry is supported by the freewill gifts of the Lords’ people.  We are grateful for the people of God who stand with us and generously make the ministry of Planting Churches, Preparing Leaders, and Proclaiming the Gospel possible.  We need more concerned believers to stand with us as the Lord enables.  If you can become a Prayer Fellowship Partner and make a monthly contribution then it would make a considerable impact over the course of a year.  If you are lead to make a one time gift this month we would appreciate it.  Whatever the Lord enables you to do we ask only that you be obedient to Him.  We would like to say thank you for your gift this month by send you a copy of “TOO SOON to QUIT” by Warren Wiersbe.  Just ask for your gift of the month when click, call, or write with your contribution.  Again, thank you!

        We look forward to hearing from you soon. Remember also to let us know how we can pray for you when we gather each Wednesday for our staff meetings and go before the Lord in prayer.



                                                                        2020 Missions Calendar


     If you can join us for one of these trips over the next year then please let us know.  It is always a joy to take others along to experience firsthand what God is doing and to use the gifts and abilities that God provides.  Here are the scheduled trips for the next year.


                           Liberia                      March 2020                       $3.600

                          Malawi                       June 2020                       $3.600


                    Liberia                               March 2020                     $3.600