June, 2019


     I am writing this from Dubuque Iowa where I am teaching this Memorial Day weekend at the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference at Emmaus Bible College.  It is great to see saints from all over the country and to introduce many of them to GOGF Ministries.  It is also a blessing to receive the ministry of gifted saints and to be encouraged by the Word.   They say that it is better to give than to receive, but I find it great to give and receive.  God knows what we need when we need it and is faithful to meet those needs every time.  I pray that He will meet your every need as you continue to faithfully give in support of the Kingdom of God. 

  Dr. Tony Hart, President 


Pray for Uganda Mission

          Plans are being finalized and by the time many of you receive this we will be on the way to Uganda, East Africa. From June 17th to June 27th ,  I look forward to being able to teach about 150 pastors and encourage them in their work among the people in Uganda.  Please pray for preparations, for safety in travel, for the team’s health in a foreign country, and for the pastors to whom we will minister.  As you join us with your prayers I am trusting that God will move by His Spirit and accomplish His purpose in the hearts of those church leaders, their wives, and congregations. 


Grand Old Gospel Hour

     I have a request for each of you that do not hear the radio program of the Grand Old Gospel Hour.  If you will give us your email, we can send you a weekly link to the program as well as other notices as well as this monthly newsletter.  If you do not have email or you would prefer, you can download the “Grand Old Gospel Fellowship” app on your smart phone and have access to the program and much more.  You may have to search for “GOGF Ministries” in the app store.  An increasing number of people are taking advantage of this on demand option to fit listening into their lifestyle.  Tell your friends and have them join as well. 


Unity Conference

            I trust that you have the date saved for the unity conference October 26 2019.  We look forward to a great day with super ministry of the Word along with special music to write home about.  Notice that I am keeping the secret under wraps for a little while longer.  But make no mistake; you won’t want to miss this year’s Unity Conference. 



      I extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our Prayer Fellowship Partners for the generous support which enables us to Plant Churches, Prepare Leaders, and Proclaim the Gospel.  Each gift by our donors has tremendous impact on ministry around the world.  As a way of thanking you for your gift this month we are offering you the book, “Parent Map” as a way of thanking you for your support.  Just ask for your copy when you write, call, or click with your gift.  And may God bless you greatly

         We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Remember also to let us know how we can pray for you when we gather each Wednesday for our staff meetings and go before the Lord in prayer. Many have written or called in request have been blessed and encouraged.



                                                                         2019 Missions Calendar

     As we look past the mission trips of the first half of this year we are setting in motion the efforts to recruit a team to go with us to India and Jamaica this fall.  If you are at all interested in finding a significant way to use your vacation time, then contact us, and we can help you get ready to go.  I remind you that God is not looking for affordability, but He is only looking for availability.  If you are available to go then God can make a way and provide where there seems to be no way.  If you call the office we can help you with raising the funds. Check out the opportunities for missions over the next year.


                   India                         Oct. 28 – Nov. 7, 2019              $3,600

                   Jamaica                        Dec. 2 – 9, 2019                   $1,800

                    Liberia                               March 2020