March, 2020      

           I am writing this update from Nashville at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in the beautiful surroundings of the Opryland Hotel.  After so many conferences here I know my way around without getting too lost.  I look forward to the contacts that will enhance our ministry and also to the opportunities to share the word on Thursday morning at the devotional session that starts the day. 

          I have to say that I am so grateful to God for how He has raised up donors who care about the mission that God has given to us and have generously provided the support that we need.  We have always been a month to month ministry for over 59 years, but God has been so faithful.  Would you please continue to pray with us, that His gracious supply will continue as we do our part to be faithful in Planting Churches, Preparing Leaders, and Proclaiming the Gospel Til’ the Whole World Hears. 

          Please also follow us at our website, make sure you subscribe to our emails, and like our FaceBook page so you can pray intelligently about the ministry that is before us.  I appreciate all of you who give!

  Dr. Tony Hart, President


Brad-Ferne Hart Memorial Scholarship Fund

           Did you know that in the name of my younger brother Bradley and his wife Ferne, who were both murdered in 1984 in Philadelphia, PA., that we established in their name this Scholarship. The Scholarship has been given each year to help students in need who seek to go into fulltime Christian ministry.  It could be pastoral work, music ministry, or Mission’s, we want to help them to realize their calling. 

          You can be a part of reaching the next generation by helping to train these young people who desire to give their lives to the Lord’s work. Please consider a special gift that will build this fund so that many more will be encouraged in their studies as they prepare for this awesome task.



           The bible bowl this year is approaching on Saturday April 25, 2020 at 3pm, and will be held at the Germantown Christian Assembly, 610 E. Mt. Pleasant Ave. Philadelphia, Pa.  I am so proud of the work that our teens put into learning the passages and how well they are prepared to answer the questions put to them.  When so many teens are biblically illiterate and leaving the church thank God that He has a remnant of teens that still love the Lord and study His word.

           If you can make it, come out to cheer our young people on, you are more than welcome.  If you are unable to make it, please pray for our youth as they will be the ones to reach this next generation. 


           I can’t say thank you enough, how much I appreciate those of you who generously support this ministry with your prayers as well as your financial support.  If you are one of those who have been procrastinating with your gifts, I want to encourage you to consider being a Prayer Fellowship Partner with a monthly donation to GOGF Ministries.  A gift of any size is appreciated and can be multiplied by the grace of God for the salvation of many souls, the establishment of urban churches, and the training of pastors around the world.  When you write a check, give online, or call the office with your donation we want to send you a special gift, “Know Your Bible” as our way of saying thank you for your support.  Don’t wait, do it today and ask for this special gift.    



2020 Missions Calendar

            We are looking for men and women who love the Lord and are willing to join us on a mission trip to help us with our global mandate of preparing leaders in developing countries and proclaiming the Gospel to many who have not heard.  There are3 two more opportunities this year.  First, in June we anticipate a trip to Malawi in the southern central part of Africa. This is a country where not too many Christians go to share Jesus.  They will so appreciate your love and help with whatever ministry gifts you bring.  If all you can do is pray, we want you on our team.  The second trip in November is back to Jamaica where we will be working with a local church in Kingston with their mission conference.  Please consider either of these opportunities to serve the King of kings. 


                      Malawi                       June 2020                    $3.600  This Trip Is Postponed

                    Caribbean                     November 2020                      TBD