January, 2020 


         A minister told his congregation that he was setting new goals for the New Year.  The first goal is to clean up his desk that had gotten out of hand.  The second goal for the New Year is to find last year’s goals.  It does seem as though we make the same resolutions over and over, and not much seems to change.  Calvin and Hobbs from the comic strip said that the problem is that the future keeps turning into the present.  I preached recently about the opportunities that a new year brings us if we will only take advantage of the difference that God can make in our lives. 

          One of the things that drives me in ministry is to see the difference that the power of God can result in when the Holy Spirit leads, and the Word of God is allowed to guide us.  When someone turns their life over to Christ the future always looks different than the past.  This realization drives us here at The GOGF Ministries, to Plant Gospel preaching churches, Prepare spiritual leaders, and to Proclaim the whole truth of the Bible.  Please pray for us as we seek to make the New Year different for many around the world.     Dr. Tony Hart, President


Become a Legacy Partner

          It has been a while since we have offered our interested partners help in setting up a legacy gift that will continue to support the passion they have for the spread of the Gospel.  There are so many ways to accomplish this goal, from designating the Lord’s work in your will, to sharing the proceeds with the Lord’s work and your family as beneficiaries of policies that you may own. 

          Estate planning can be very simple for many but can also be complicated and so we offer any help that we can give and can suggest legal assistance where needed.  Just call our office and let us know. 


          For each of you that have stood by this ministry over the past year I say a big thank you!  Some of you have been faithful for decades as we enter our sixtieth year of ministry.  We are planning to celebrate God’s faithfulness to us for those sixty years next year in 2021.  One of our challenges has been to transition our donor base to a new generation that can sustain the ministry until the Lord returns.  No matter which generation you fall into we need each of you to partner with us as we seek to Plant churches, Prepare leaders, and Proclaim the Gospel.  If you can mail, call, or click online with a payment in support of GOGF I would like to send you a copy of  “Know Your Bible” which is a concise, easy-to-understand guide to God's Word, as a gift in appreciation for your support.  Thank you again and Happy New year. 



2020 Missions Calendar

          If you have never gone on a mission trip this is the year to finally say YES!  Yes Lord send me!  We have two trips to Africa this year in March and June.  I plan on being back in the Caribbean in October if that is an easier trip to be a part of.  We are looking for a few souls to travel with us and to help us.  If you can pray, we need you on our team.  If you can share a testimony, teach the Word, sing or play a instrument, work with children, we need you.  If you love the Lord and desire to share that love with others, come join our GOGF team 2020. Find the information below and contact us for more details.


                           Liberia               March 23 ~April 1,2020             $3.600

                          Malawi                    June 10 ~19, 2020               $3.600

                            Jamaica                      October 2020 TBA                 $1,800