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Sun, Nov 15, 2015
Duration: 48 mins
1 Samuel 30:1-8
Sun, Nov 15, 2015
Duration: 28 mins 41 secs
Today’s message about the danger of division because of defense is a much needed one. Dr. Tony Hart is teaching from 2 Samuel chapter 2 looking at the life of David.
Sun, Nov 08, 2015
Duration: 28 mins 21 secs
Sun, Nov 01, 2015
Duration: 29 mins 56 secs
1 John 2:28 - 3:3
Sun, Nov 01, 2015
Duration: 28 mins 43 secs
A popular song writer wrote “You’re Gonna Have To serve Somebody.” In today’s teaching from the archives of Dr. B. Sam Hart we’re in Romans chapter 6 where he reminds us that we must choose whom we will serve.
Sun, Oct 25, 2015
Passage: 2 Samuel 1
Duration: 28 mins 46 secs
How do we love our enemies like Christ loved his? Today’s message with Dr. Tony Hart explores that dynamic in this challenging message.
Sun, Oct 25, 2015
Duration: 39 mins 31 secs
We are in a spiritual warfare.
Sun, Oct 18, 2015
Duration: 45 mins 28 secs
1 John 2:15-17
Sun, Oct 18, 2015
Passage: 2 Samuel 1
Duration: 28 mins 35 secs
One of Jesus’ most difficult commands to obey is the one that tells us to love our enemies. Powerful words indeed, and Dr. Tony Hart builds and expands upon them as we study the story of David.
Sun, Oct 11, 2015
Passage: Colossians
Duration: 28 mins 18 secs
There are things we as believers can put on that make us ready to take on the world. Are you a well-dressed Christian? Find out in today’s message.
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