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Sun, Jul 21, 2019
Passage: Proverbs
Duration: 28 mins 31 secs
Living with integrity in a world where the corrupt seem favored is challenging. But as believers we are called to be like Jesus. It is by God's power that we become increasingly people of integrity. We are called to obey God and, in so doing, to be people of uncompromised morality. Today we continue our trek through the themes in Proverbs.
Sun, Jul 14, 2019
Passage: Proverbs
Duration: 28 mins 31 secs
Join me today as we continue our voyage through some of the themes found in the Book of Proverbs. We’ll be moving around, so get your Bibles and follow along.
Sun, Jul 07, 2019
Passage: Psalm 139
Duration: 28 mins 29 secs
Today’s teaching is from the 139th division of the book of Psalms, where we find the reassuring truth that unlike others, God loves us even though He knows all about us.
Sun, Jun 30, 2019
Passage: Exodus 4
Duration: 28 mins 31 secs
The question God asked Moses in Exodus chapter 4 is the same question He is asking us today. It was designed to make Him and us realize that God has already given us the tools He will use to get the job done- the job that is, which he has commissioned us to do. From our archived messages vault, here’s Dr. B. Sam Hart.
Sun, Jun 23, 2019
Passage: Proverbs 1
Duration: 28 mins 31 secs
"My word is my bond" used to be a popular saying, but to many in today's culture commitment is a dirty word. That subject is examined in today's teaching with Dr. Tony Hart as he begins looking at the wisdom found in the book of Proverbs.
Sun, Jun 16, 2019
Passage: Proverbs 6
Duration: 28 mins 31 secs
In today’s culture making a commitment doesn’t mean what it used to. “My word is my bond” is not a statement you hear very much anymore, but today’s teaching from Proverbs chapter six reminds us that promises are binding.
Sun, Jun 09, 2019
Passage: Revelation 3
Duration: 28 mins 31 secs
If you’ve never heard of Religiously Transmitted Diseases, you won’t want to miss today’s message from Revelation chapter 3 about the church at Laodicea.
Sun, Jun 02, 2019
Passage: Acts 23
Duration: 28 mins 31 secs
In life there are numerous things that are doing their job even though we might not realize it. In today’s teaching with Dr. Tony Hart from Acts chapter 23, we find that despite what we may or may not see around us, God is always at work.
Sun, May 26, 2019
Passage: Acts 23
Duration: 28 mins 30 secs
In John 17 Jesus prayed for the unity of believers. But sadly, the Body of Christ remains divided in many ways. We invite you to join us today for this important message about unity, division and relationships. We’re in Acts chapter 23.
Sun, May 19, 2019
Passage: Acts 22
Duration: 28 mins 31 secs
Citizenship has its privileges, especially when it comes to being a citizen of heaven. And in today’s teaching, that message is loud and clear. Open your bibles to Acts chapter 22 and join us.
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