Meet Our Founder, Our President & Our Staff

Under the leadership of Dr. B. Sam Hart and a board of brethren who sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit, GOGF Ministries was established in 1961 as a faith Home Missionary Ministry. Its mission is to Plant Churches, Prepare Leaders, and Proclaim the Gospel, ‘Til the Whole World Hears. This is done in several ways:

Our weekly half-hour radio broadcast The Grand Old Gospel Hour is heard nationwide and around the world.
As resources permit, scholarships are made available through our Brad-Ferne Hart Memorial Fund.
The Lord has guided us to have seen 15 New Testament Churches, which are still providing vital ministry in urban centers along the east coast.
Our overseas mission’s emphasis is on training pastors through conferences held quarterly in the third world countries and providing short-term missions opportunities to believers as they join us in support of the mission.
We support orphan children at the Hart Children’s Home in India & Jamaica W.I..
We also provide other ministries such as Seminars, Retreats, Pastoral gatherings, Crusades.

Dr. B. Sam & Joyce Hart

Dr. B. Sam Hart is responsible for the birth and conception of the Grand Old Gospel Fellowship. The idea was conceived in 1953 while he was a junior in Gordon College in Boston, MA. Seeing the need for Bible Churches, and observing the lack of them among the Black population, the idea of Church Planting was conceived, which gave birth to a Bible Study in his home, and which became Roxbury Gospel Chapel by 1955, and is still functioning. By an urgent invitation Dr. Hart and his wife Joyce were transplanted from Boston to Philadelphia. The spiritual needs seemed greater in Philadelphia, and he and his wife set out to meet them. God blessed their efforts, and in 1960 The Grand Old Gospel Fellowship was formed and incorporated in 1961.

Dr.Tony & Carol Hart

Dr. Tony Hart was born in 1954 to home missionary parents Dr. & Mrs. B. Sam Hart. He was born in Boston and the family moved to Philadelphia while Tony was still in pre-school. As the son of an evangelist and church planter, Tony was exposed to many areas of ministry from his youth. He has seen churches begin in living rooms, preached in large area wide crusades, been involved in camping, served as a youth pastor, associate pastor, and senior pastor, over a period of more than 25 years in ministry. He has experience in radio station management, program production, and syndication, as well as serving as an associate minister with his father on the Grand Old Gospel Hour. He writes articles for the local newspaper and national magazines. He also published two books “Winning is Everything” and “2 Tablets for Your Marriage”.

Dr. Tony has served since 1992 as the pastor of the Montco Bible Fellowship in Lansdale, PA. He was married in 1977 to Carol, his partner and the love of his life. They have four children, a daughter and three sons, who have each made a profession of faith in Christ. He has earned an undergraduate degree in Bible form the Philadelphia College of Bible and completed a Masters of Divinity and Doctor in Ministry at the Biblical Theological Seminary.


Darlene Ogun runs the day to day activities in our offices.

Sam Butler is the Executive Producer of the Grand Old Gospel Hour

Maxine Graham maintains  the relationships and coordinates the activities between the ministry and our associated assemblies.

 Eugene Wright is responsible for the organization of our short-term missions trips.

Elizabeth Kasonde nurtures the connection with the ministry and our donors and prayer fellowship partners.

 Shelia King is “The Voice” of the Grand Old Gospel Hour

Harriet Weber is a performance artist who can be heard on the Grand Old Gospel Hour.

GOGF Ministries