GOGF has continued to support Hart Children’s Home in India and Jamaica. The home in India is home to 26 children, and the one in Jamaica has nine children. Children in Hart Homes are provided with daily needs – food, safe living conditions and education.  Hart Homes ensure on a sustainable basis, that every child in the home is provided with the daily necessities, care and protection, primarily because we strongly believe that every child should be protected from harsh living conditions, and provided with daily necessities. We also believe that being an orphan should not hinder children from pursuing education. 


The Brad–Ferne Hart Memorial Fund, continues to provide scholarships to young men and women whose higher education is intended to be used in full-time service to benefit underprivileged individuals and communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each year we provide one scholarship to a student who meets our criteria. 

          In past years we have made international mission trips to UgandaIndia, and Jamaica. The purpose of these trips was to take part in community service and healthcare workshop(s) in underprivileged communities, primarily in Jamaica. With the involvement of groups of healthcare professionals in various sectors, the healthcare workshop is intended to provide free healthcare services in the communities we serve. The majority of the patients received at the workshop are patients with limited/without resources to access the healthcare system that is available at a national level. And as part of proclaiming the Gospel, during the mission trip in Jamaica, we continued to share God’s word with children in schools. We also delivered Christmas gifts to children as well as the elderly living in underprivileged communities. 

Moreover, during the mission trips, we continued with our mission of “Planting Churches, Preparing Leaders, Proclaiming the Gospel, ‘Til The Whole World Hears’.” During mission trips to Uganda and India, we conducted pastoral training seminars – training which is focused on preparing future Church leaders in communities that have limited resources that are necessary to access adequate pastoral training. The training we provide equips leaders with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to plant and lead a Church, and to provide counseling and help, bring healing to families and their communities during crisis or hardships. Moreover, Church leaders are trained to give hope to families and communities and encourage  them to continue to live in harmony with God’s word and its principles. Also as part of proclaiming the Gospel, during the mission trips in Uganda and India, we continued to share God’s word by conducting evangelistic meetings with men and women in the communities in Uganda and India, as well as conducting workshops on various faith-based topics.

The GOGF mission in Uganda has continued to assist primarily pregnant women in the  impoverished rural communities by providing ‘Emergency Birth Kits’, which are a necessity during child delivery at a clinic or at home. Due to poverty and the lack of income, the majority of the pregnant women, primarily in the impoverished rural communities/inner cities are unable to afford the cost of the kit, which costs around $10.00 (United States Dollars). In most cases if delivery occurs at home and is unsupervised by a midwife, it is carried out using unsanitized tools. Among other health risks that are expected to occur due to the use of unsanitized tools, both the mother and infant face the risk of contracting infections. GOGF works with local communities to supply birth kits  to women when they are approaching their delivery date. The kits we provide help reduce risks of contracting infections and reduces infant mortality rates. Each kit contains: scissors, pair of latex gloves, soap, bulb syringe, alcohol and cotton balls. Each year, GOGF provides at least 150 birth kits.  God is Good, All the Time.

The radio ministry of the Grand Old Gospel Hour, which has been a cornerstone of our outreach since its establishment in 1961, continues to run and the number of listeners continues to increase every week. The Gospel Hour is heard around the world on international outlets like TWR360ELWA, and Ganta Radio, as well as other online outlets, and of course local stations here in the United States

This year we will once again have the GOGF Annual Unity Conference. This conference provides an opportunity for supporting churches and concerned believers to come together for a time of unity and fellowship. The conference includes compelling workshops on very practical issues of life, great music, and worship.  

In recent years, GOGF established the GOGF Teen Bible Bowl, which is an opportunity that allows the youth to grow in their relationship with God, learn good Bible habits, memorize and study the Bible, develop in leadership, be a part of a team, build friendships, and build discipline.

Moreover, in the last three years, GOGF has been conducting the 5K Walk/Run, which is in support of the ongoing ministries of GOGF, including: the Hart Children’s Homes in Jamaica and India, The Brad–Ferne Hart Memorial Scholarship Fund, Radio Ministry of the Grand Old Gospel HourInternational MissionsCrusades, and more. 

 Please donate to support our work. Your tax-deductible donation(s) enables GOGF continue and expand its work and inspiring mission in 2020 and onwards.  You may donate online through GOGF’s website by clicking here.   

        You may also donate by mail by making your donation payable to ‘GOGF Ministries’, and mail your donation to ‘GOGF Ministries’ 158 East Main Street’ Lansdale, PA 19446’. Or call 215 361 8111 to speak to Darlene Ogun.

Dr. Tony Hart, President 

GOGF Ministries, 2020 


Our Mission

 The Mission of The Grand Old Gospel Fellowship is threefold: We exist to Plant Churches, Prepare Leaders, and Proclaim the Gospel until the entire world hears. All of our ministries are built from one or more of these three essential pursuits. We hope that you will join with us in prayer and support as we “Communicate the Word of Truth to a World in Trouble!”

 Planting Churches

From the very beginning of the GOGF in 1961 under the direction of my father Dr. B. Sam Hart, the establishment of badly needed bible teaching churches in the urban centers of our country has been a high priority.  Today we have fifthteen churches in our network and seek with God’s help to see a new work started each year. 

Preparing Leaders

In many countries around the world as well as right here in the urban centers of America, pastors are lacking in effective training.  Many of these men love the Lord, and know the word, and with just a little help and training have increased their ability to minister to the people in their societies.  This has been a very fruitful ministry as we conduct 3 training conferences each year in developing countries.

Our ministry to the orphans in the Hart Children’s Homes, which have been established in Jamaica and India, have also proven to be a place where leaders are prepared for the future.   The Brad–Ferne Hart Memorial Scholarship which help needy young men and women through accredited bible schools has also become an integral part of our strategy to prepare leaders for the ministry of tomorrow.

Proclaiming the Gospel

The Grand Old Gospel Hour has been heard across America and around the world on hundreds of radio stations over the last 59 years.  As a weekly half hour broadcast the Grand Old Gospel Hour has proven to be a powerful tool of ministry to the believer as well as the unsaved. The introduction of Drama and a few format changes have enabled the broadcast to keep up with the changing culture of our contemporary world.  

The use of the internet in the spreading of the gospel has exploded over the last decade.  Today many more people from around the world are able to be reached by this medium than ever before.  Our website has literally become a link to missions for many Christians who are concerned about the salvation of souls and the edifying of the Church.  We have created a one stop website where you can find links to other important sites and information keeping you abreast of what is happening through the GOGF Ministries.  The latest addition to our online ministry is GOGF-TV our own channel which can be accessed from our website and which presents sound bible teaching without compromise.

Gospel crusades were a favorite for my father and very effective in the 50’s and 60’s.  The fact is that they are not as effective today.  However in many other countries the ability to present the gospel in a community wide crusade is still a very viable means of proclaiming the gospel.  Therefore when we conduct our training conferences in these countries the pastors there often participate in an area wide crusade that results in hundreds of professions of faith.  By whatever means the GOGF Ministries will be committed to proclaiming the Good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

GOGF Ministries