July , 2020

I pray that you all are staying safe during this Covid-19 pandemic.  The news reminds us that even though things are opening back up we need to remain diligent about keeping our social distance.  In many places people are getting tired of all the precautions necessary to avoid the virus and wrongly assume that they are not in danger.  There is much to learn about our spiritual lives from this experience.  It is just as easy to get sloppy and less faithful about the habits that need to be maintained in our lives in order to avoid the spiritual sickness that can so easily rob us of our spiritual vitality.  The medical community reminds us to wear a mask, wash our hands, and stay six feet apart.  The bible reminds us to wear the full armor of God, wash away all sinful influences, and stay close to God in prayer.  It is my prayer that you will be just as careful, if not more, to stay spiritually healthy even as you stay physically healthy.  We seek to offer you resources to help you in your walk.  There are daily devotions available for the asking, encouraging and challenging messages from the Word on our website, podcast, and by radio.  In addition we pray for all the prayer requests that we receive each week at our staff meeting.  Let us know how we can pray for you!                                                                                                                                           Dr. Tony Hart, President



Team Calvary

 5-K Run, Walk

Thank you! To all of who participated in the virtual 5-K.  If you did not give us your shirt size when you registered, you can do that by email or call the office.  We also look forward to seeing some of the selfies that were taken. Just email them to info@gogfministries.org. The 5k Walk/Run raises support for our mission of Planting Churches, Preparing Leaders, and Proclaiming the Gospel. Each of you are an integral part of our success with our mission.  We look forward to your continued support with the Unity Conference in October as well as our Podcast and radio ministry of the Grand Old Gospel Hour.

                   Unity Conference

   Due to the current pandemic we are planning to have a virtual conference this year on Saturday October 24.  We are lining up great speakers and musicians who will make the time spent together a special treat and a spiritually uplifting time.  You will receive the log in information to access the conference online.  As the day draws near there will be more information at our website so that you can stay up to date on the development of the program.


Brad-Ferne Scholarship

 Most of you are aware that we began a scholarship fund in honor of my younger brother Bradley and his wife Ferne who were both brutally murdered in 1984.  Over the years we have had the privilege of helping several needy students equip themselves for vocational ministry in service of the King.  There are several disadvantaged young people who need financial help in order to receive the education that would propel them into ministry opportunities.  You can help prepare the next generation of those who have need and yet show great potential.



 As you are no doubt aware, we have cancelled our travels on the mission trips that we planned for this year.  However at our last GOGF Board meeting a great idea surfaced which has been enthusiastically received by pastors in several of the nations which we serve.  Therefore, please pray with us that we will be able to provide a Pastoral Training webinar with the ability for translation to many pastors in dire need of training around the world.  This is a major step for us as they gather in churches where they can access Wi-Fi and receive the training.  We will also help provide meals for the pastors during a lunch break.  If you would please pray that all the details of this endeavor would come together and be a blessing to the many pastors that are in need of help with their ministries.

I need to say again, a big thank you to all of our Prayer Fellowship Partners and Donors who stand with us in support of the work of Planting Churches, Preparing Leaders, and Proclaiming the Gospel.  We are so grateful that you allow the Lord to use you in this ministry.  As you know the summer is always a time when donations are down and with so many out of work there is an added burden on the ministry.  If you can continue to be faithful with a monthly gift it would make a world of difference.  As you send in your gift this month please ask for the special gift of the month “How to Pray” this booklet addresses many of the most common questions about prayer and will encourage you.  Just ask for your copy when you make your donation online, by phone, or by mail while supplies last.  May God bless you as you generously give!

We continue to keep all of you in our corporate prayers, for the LORD to bless you and your family through the pandemic season.