May, 2021        

I was reading in Mark 2 where Jesus challenged the scribes with the question, “Which is easier to say, Your sins are forgiven you,” or to say, “Arise, take up your bed, and walk?” It is interesting that many of us trust God with confidence for the forgiveness of our sin and yet at the same time we struggle to trust Him with the paralyzing circumstances that we often face. God is not only able to meet our spiritual needs, but He is also able, and He promises to meet all our needs. Hebrews 11 reminds us that without faith it is impossible to please God. If we are going to please God with our walk and ministry, then we must trust Him with our lives and with every circumstance we face. Thank you, LORD, for proving yourself faithful in the middle of this terrible pandemic.

Dr. Tony Hart President

2021 Missions Virtual
International Pastoral Training

If you are reading this before May 22nd, please pray for our first Pastoral Training Conference session in Lahore Pakistan. As I have mentioned before with the inability to travel the Lord has opened the door to the use of technology that enables us to conduct these training sessions online and for a fraction of the cost. This has enabled us to conduct twice as many seminars and train twice as many pastors and church leaders around the world. If you have missed the May 22nd date, then pray for the next seminar scheduled for Uganda on July 17th this summer. The Lord has truly blessed our efforts to encourage and teach leaders that don’t have the same opportunities for Bible and ministry education that is available here in the US.

Saturday June 19th is a date that you want to save on your calendar. We are looking forward to the best Walk/Run or Crawl 5-K we have had to date. Just $15.00 per person covers the registration and includes a catered lunch and fellowship. You can register online, by mail, or by phone. 


We are looking forward to celebrating our 60th Anniversary Saturday October 30th. Dr. Tony Evans is planning to be with us for this special worship experience. Please save the date and plan to be with us. There will be special times of worship and ministry, as well as great food, fellowship, and fun. The venue is Germantown Christian Assembly `160 E. Mt. Pleasant Street Philadelphia PA. For information call GOGF office at 215-361-8111.



A huge thank you to all our partners who pray for and support the GOGF and its mission of Planting Churches, Preparing Leaders, and Proclaiming the Gospel. It has been the faithful support of the Lord’s people that have sustained us through the last year of the Covid pandemic. I am asking each of you to continue to stand with us in the coming months.
We want to give each of you a Thank You gift for Mother’s Day “Abundant Grace” Pen and Jumbo Bookmark or a Father’s Day gift “I Know the plans I have for you” Pen and Bookmark, when you make your donation while supplies last. When you mail, click, or call in your donation. And may God richly bless you as you do!

GOGF Ministries