January, 2021


Blessed New Year

             The Apostle Paul wrote to young Timothy in his second epistle and reminded him that He was “mindful of his tears”.  It reminds me of the “tears” that many have experienced during the difficult past year that we have just concluded.  We have seen many suffer from the Covid-19 pandemic and even more lose their jobs and suffer financially because of the virus.  We are grateful for the faithfulness of so many who in the face of uncertainty have continued to stand with this ministry and allow us to press forward with the mission.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  And thanks to each of you who have prayed and sacrificed to make the progress of the ministry possible. Dr. Tony Hart, President



Let me give you a year end update on the Washington Christian Assembly. By the grace of God we have secured the help of a law firm in DC who is filing all the necessary documents to make sure that the building remains in the hands of the Church. A new board has been formed and ministry is online for the saints there. Please continue to pray for the growth of the work even in these times when we are not able to meet in person. Information is available on the website that has been created for Washington Christian Assembly. Please pray that as the ability to meet opens up later in the year that we will be able to see others added to the assembly there.



The children in the Hart Children’s Homes continue to need your support.  It is our desire to be of financial help and to encourage the children who we serve in Jamaica and in India.  We can only support them as our partners support them.  You can designate a gift for the children and make a real difference in the life and education of a child.  It is our desire to demonstrate the love of God to them and encourage them to trust in God not only as their provider but also as their Lord.

We have online seminars scheduled for the Pastors in Liberia in January and the Pastors in India in February. Since travel has been curtailed we are relying on the internet to carry on with our overseas training for church leaders. We had a training session in November with a group of leaders in Dominican Republic and we are feeling confident that good training can happen online. Please pray that these first quarter opportunities will prove to be a blessing to all who participate and that the church will benefit.


As we face the challenges of the New Year, I am heartened to know that so many of you will partner with us. I pray that God will bless each of you as you pray and support this ministry. I would like to thank you with a copy of my new book “Table Talk With Jesus”. It is a fresh look at the Last Supper and will challenge you the interaction between Jesus and His disciples. It is free for the asking when you make a donation of any size to help us with the mission of Planting Churches, Preparing Leaders, and Proclaiming the Gospel. Just ask for my book by mail, online, or by phone call to our office (215-361-811).

My Prayer is that God Bless you richly in this New Year as you obey His leading in your life.


                   We have a special holiday gift that we want to send to you as our way of saying thank you when you send in your gift of any amount this month.  Simply ask for the holiday gift and we will get it right out to you.  Again, please accept my thanks for your generosity.   

GOGF Ministries