September , 2020

               Well, What a summer!  It has been a summer of national and global crisis and at the same time a summer to see the hand of the Lord at work.  Travel was curtailed prohibiting us from hosting the training conferences that were planned but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.  The invention this year has been the use of virtual meetings and conferences in the middle of this pandemic.  This provision of the internet and all that the technology enables is no less than a gift from God.  It is also an answer to prayer that in the middle of so much unemployment and economic shut down the Lord has laid it on the hearts of so many of you to remain faithful and support the ministry through these tough times.  I will be forever grateful to all of you who have donated and enabled us to not only survive but to continue to further the mission of                                         Planting Churches, Preparing Leaders, and Proclaiming the Gospel. Dr. Tony Hart, President




The date is set, the program is shaping up, and the morning of October 24 looks to be a special time of worship, challenge, and encouragement.  It will be a virtual experience with Jonathan Evans, Bob Lepine from Family life Radio, and special guest Musicians as well as interaction with our panel.  In order to register simply go to our website and we will send you the link to the conference.  The first twenty-five people who register will receive a Fish-Filet meal card and any first time Unity conference attendee will receive a copy of my new book Table Talk With Jesus.  Thanks to our sponsors we are able to provide all of this for a registration of only $15.00.   So don’t wait…register today


We have added a few new stations to our network of stations that carry the radio program.  We are syndicating our 30 minute program as well as a 1 minute program that is more accessible to music stations and those stations that only have short commercial time available.  Please pray that our efforts to expand the radio ministry will result in fruit for the Kingdom of God and additional partners who will help us in our global mission.

Washington Christian Assembly

 It has been a long road to replant the work of the late Samuel Jeremiah.  In the heart of Washington,  DC there is a need for a fellowship of believers that will be a Gospel light to that city.  God has blessed us with a law firm that has taken our case on a pro-bono basis to help sort out the legal issues that are present.  My request for our partners is to pray that God will provide the help, wisdom, and finances that will be needed to see this fellowship become a vital testimony in Washington, D.C.  

I am so grateful for all of our partners who stand with us as we seek to serve the King of Kings.  Your gifts have sustained us and blessed so many around the world.  If you are not a regular prayer fellowship partner then I invite you to join those who commit to a monthly gift of any amount.  No gift is too small!  Your generosity will be multiplied by our Lord and take the Gospel to countless souls around the world.  As you send your gift this month just ask for a signed copy of my new book “Table Talk with Jesus”.  You can give online at our website or call the office if you don’t want to mail a check.  Thank you again for your prayers and support.