September, 2021      

Vacation is over and the children go back to school. On the face of it, things seem normal. The fact is however that things are still far from normal. Schools open with mask mandates, churches are still half empty, and violence in our cities seems to continue without restraint. At times like this we are reminded that the remedy for the church, for our families, and for our troubled communities, is found only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation and the only hope in the face of the pandemic, and the ills of injustice found all around us. That is why it is important for GOGF to double up with its mission of Planting Churches in our urban cities, Preparing Leaders for the future of the church, and Proclaiming the Gospel till the Whole World Hears. So please pray for us as we seek to remain faithful in this work that God has called us to. Dr. Tony Hart President



We are looking forward to a great Unity Conference Saturday, October 30, 2021, when we celebrate our 60th Anniversary. By God’s grace we have seen the hand of the Lord blessing our ministry and expanding our reach around the world. We are anticipating the encouragement of our long-time friend Dr. Tony Evans, as our keynote speaker this year. We have been encouraged by the number of registrations that we are receiving for our Unity Conference this year. We are going to limit the number of registrations this year so if you plan to be with us, please register early. There will be great worship in music, challenging messages, a great silent auction, and of course a homecooked meals that you won’t forget. Just visit the website and register online or call the office at (215) 361-8111, with a payment which covers all aspects of the conference.


It has been a while since we have talked about our encouragement to Christians to remember the work of the Lord in their will. It is just as important to give to the Lord out of your estate as it is to give out of your income. In addition to adding the ministry in your will, it is also a good idea to remember a percentage of your life insurance as a beneficiary to your policies. You can talk to your agent to make a simple beneficiary change that can make a significant difference to the work of the Lord while you still take care of your family needs. Without getting too far into the weeds of possibilities, if you would like our help or other suggestions, just let us know and we can provide no-cost help and ideas.


Brad-Ferne Hart

As part of our commitment to prepare leaders for tomorrow, we have been offering scholarships to students who are studying to go into full-time ministry in the Kingdom.  If you know of any such students, please have them contact us for an application.  It has been a privilege to have helped students since 1984 with a Brad-Ferne Hart Scholarship.  As so many go back to school, please pray for those less fortunate who desire to prepare themselves for effective ministry in pastoral work, missions, or Christian music.  We want to play our role in seeing the next generation take its place.  Your gifts to this fund enable us to give out of the interest and to create an endowment that will allow us to give scholarships till the Lord returns. 

All of us here at GOGF Ministries are so grateful for those of you who generously give to keep the work of the Lord going.  Our prayer is that the Lord will bless you abundantly as you sacrificially partner with us to get the Gospel out.  This month we are offering my new book “Table Talk with Jesus” to any of our donors who make a gift to the ministry and ask for a copy.  It is simply our way of showing our appreciation to each of you.  Thank you again and God bless you as you obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit.




GOGF Ministries