March, 2021        

I was reading in 1Kings 8 where the Ark of the Lord was brought back and put in its proper place in the inner sanctuary. It belonged in the Holy of Holies and it finally found its way back to that proper place among the children of Israel. The result was that the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord. Today too often we desire the glory of the Lord without making sure that we have placed the Lord in His proper place in the inner sanctuary of our hearts. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit today and it is His desire to fill our lives with His presence and His glory. The problem too often is that we have not given Him His place on the thrones of our hearts. Let’s pray that God will occupy His rightful place in us and that we will see the glory of the Lord fill our lives so that the world will see what can happen when we allow God to reign in our hearts. 

Dr. Tony Hart President

Virtual Youth Bible Bowl

In this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic ministry has been a challenge in several ways. Last Spring, we had to cancel our annual Bible Bowl because we could see no way of conducting the competition of the young people as they studied and prepared to be quizzed on the Word of God. Over the past year we have learned a lot about using technology to accomplish many aspects of our ministry. Therefore, we are planning to have a virtual Bible Bowl in April using our Zoom account. Pray for the young people as they study and prepare. It is our desire that as the Word of God is hid in their hearts it will transform their hearts and direct their paths. Pray also for the preparations and use of the technology that it will go smoothly and accomplish the successful completion of the Bible Bowl.


Grand Old Gospel Hour Radio Ministry Expands

I have some great news to share with you all who pray and support this ministry. The Grand Old Gospel Hour has just been picked up by the KVIP network of stations in California, Nevada, and Oregon. They have a total of 25 stations and translators and so we are grateful to God for opening that door for the radio ministry of GOGF. Those of you in the Baltimore, Maryland area can also now hear the program on WRBS AM-1230 Sundays at 2:00pm and again at 6:00pm.  For those you who live in Norfolk, VA and Virginia Beach, you can listen on WKQA AM-1110 Sundays at 3:30pm Please continue to pray for the continued growth and effectiveness of the Radio Ministry as we proclaim the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world and throughout this country.      



As you must be aware by now, we have had to cancel all foreign travel both last year and so far for this year 2021. We have however been able to continue our ministry of Pastoral Training. The first quarter of 2021 has seen two successful conferences on the internet in both Dominican Republic and in Liberia. We are working with other countries to bring our training to them. There is much that we cannot do online as opposed to when we are physically present. I look forward to the post Covid-19 day when we will be able to be present to do evangelism as well as training. In the meantime, we praise God for the capabilities that we have, to minister and encourage the Leaders around the world in order to equip them for the work of the ministry to God’s people. Please pray for us as we continue to plan ministry in the future.

I am deeply grateful and fully aware of the sacrificial gifts of the Lord’s people that keep this ministry going. With all the crazy stories that we hear among various ministries these days, it is my desire to operate in a way that will give honor to the name of our Lord Jesus. We have a very active Board of Directors with a very knowledgeable and involved finance committee that gives oversight to the affairs of this ministry. We seek to use the Lord’s money provided by the Lord’s people for the purpose for which it is given. Your financial support of this ministry is what enables us to continue Planting Churches, Preparing Leaders, and Proclaiming the Gospel. We want to provide a thank you gift for your donation of any size. This month we are giving out my new book entitled “Table Talk With Jesus”. Just ask for your copy when you mail, click, or call in your donation. And may God richly bless you as you do!

GOGF Ministries