Instruction For Uncertain Times

Remember Moses? To a generation of enslaved Jews, it seemed like there was no hope. Then God sent a child who would lead them out of captivity. God took the worst of times and brought about a miraculous deliverance. Remember Elijah? Oppressed by a wicked dictatorship and a completely pagan environment, he thought he was the last believer left on earth. But God had a plan for revealing His glory to a nation steeped in wickedness. Remember Daniel? Israel had been scattered, and Daniel and his friends were brought into a godless culture. But God acted, using a faithful few to dramatically influence an entire nation and accomplish His purposes in the midst of it all. What about the state of the world when Jesus was born? Moral decay… religious hypocrisy… hollow spirituality… But into that context, God brought eternal life to all of mankind in the most improbable way: a baby boy in a manger. Yes, we face uncertain times, but we’re in good company.

Series: Acts
Date: September 25, 2021
Download: Instruction For Uncertain Times
Scriptures: Isaiah 7
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Instruction For Uncertain Times

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